The sense of Yoga

  Join us to relax and practice this thousand-year-old art with qualified teachers in our newly open studio, entirely dedicated to yoga. Chill out, pamper yourself, relax in a peaceful and serene atmosphere, immerse yourself in the spirit of yoga.

 This thousand-year-old discipline of India is a science of the body and mind that includes a large scope of exercices. Practice yoga today allows to live each moment of life in full consciousness. The teaching technics use physical postures, breathing exercices, concentration followed by relaxation at the end of each class.

 Yoga requires wisdom in practice, Do not try to reach performance, Just feel the harmony in your body.  

The Classes

Discover differents types of yoga and choose the one you need, the one you like, the one that suits you among a wide range of classes.
- Traditional hatha yoga
- Power yoga Vinyasa
- Wake up yoga
- Antistress yoga
- Yogaflex
... AND MORE !




Open 6 days a week

From monday to saturday

Come to see us and we will discuss of your objectives.

The planning of the month is on line, click here

The Boutique

Well-being for everyone

Yoga mats, bags, blankets and more !
Everything you need to practice in the best conditions, all items dedicated to yoga available in our studio


Here, everything has been thought for your well being,
Small classes with space for everyone, relaxing lounge with herb tea , yoga books, a wonderful place to be when waiting for the next class !

Our class room is equipped with air purifying machine, Swiss system.




SAS Vinyasa Yoga Studio  14 rue Buttura 06400 Cannes   France  +33 0493 386 874